Designers Kathmandu

December 17, 2023 - Sunday

Designers Day 2023

Connect with the creative spirits of Kathmandu, from designers to deep thinkers, all gathered to ignite your imagination. Come, be part of this experience.

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Program Details

Bridging the gap between Design & Development

Should a designer learn to code? Should a developer learn to design? A timeless debate! Although they are two different entities, they have a lot in common! In this keynote presentation, I would like to share my insights on how we can minimize the gap between them and build successful products.
Sohail Dangol

Web Animations

Explore the realm of web animations with technologires like 3JS, Spline, and more will be shared. Discover how the latest tech transforms websites with dynamic animations, enhancing engagement and interactivity. 

Abhishek Acharya

How digital art helped me rediscover drawing

I was terrible at drawing as a kid. I enviously looked at the realistic landscapes my classmates drew during art class. Over time I came to believe that I could not draw and lost interest. Many years later when I stumbled across Autodesk Sketchbook, my perspective of drawing changed forever.
Alfa Shakya

Role of Design in Brand Distinction

In the dynamic landscape of business, design emerges as a powerful catalyst for brand distinction. This narrative delves into the intricate relationship between design and brand recognition, emphasizing the profound impact a dedicated design strategy can have on fostering connection and driving sales.
Pratish Shrestha

Addressing imposterness with design process

In this talk, she will share insights into how the design process evolved into her guiding light in overcoming the sense of inadequacy. Her narrative unfolds as a personal journey, wherein each phase of the design process, from initial sketches to the completion of final products, contributed to bolstering her confidence. It’s a poignant account of using the design process as a tool to confront imposter feelings and navigate towards creative assurance.
Shreya Baidya

Product Monetization

In this session, Shirish will share insights on the scaling and success of the products they’ve built. Expect to hear about challenges faced, lessons learned, and valuable advice on what to avoid when selling a product.
Shirish Shikhrakar

Market & Future of Design

Firechat on Nepal’s current and future design landscape of Design. We’ll unravel the complexities of finding top-notch designers and discuss where we fall short. Beyond market trends, we’ll reveal strategies for successfully selling your designs, whether through marketplace or own website. Gain valuable insights to navigate the dynamic design market in Nepal. 

Bicky Gurung
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Reviving the Spirit

Back in 2015, we launched the Kathmandu Dribbble Meetup, a wild ride that continued until 2018! We’re the kind of people who’d cross mountains just for a meetup. In fact, our design passion led us on a road trip to Pokhara for organizing the meetup.

From cheers and jeers to thumbs up and thumbs down, from high fives to facepalms, we’ve weathered it all. And guess what? That itch is back!

So brace yourselves! We’re gearing up for another whirlwind adventure. It’s time to mingle with UI Designers, shake hands with UX Strategists, high-five Figma Lovers, nod to coders and no-coders, and swap witty banter with copywriters.

So, whether you’re fueled by beer, driven by coffee, or just passionate about design, mark your calendars and get ready for a day of inspiration, connection, and fun!

Be a part of this event

In the heart of Kathmandu, a remarkable event is brewing, and we invite you to play a pivotal role in its unfolding. Whether you’re an industry leader looking to make a lasting impression, a passionate participant eager to immerse yourself in a day of inspiration, or a seasoned speaker ready to ignite minds, there’s a place for you here.

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Aligning with this event is not just about brand visibility. It’s a statement. It’s an assertion that you believe in the transformative power of design and innovation. Partner with us, and together, let’s elevate the discourse, provide unmatched value, and reinforce your brand’s commitment to progress and creativity.

As a Participant

This is your golden ticket to a realm of untapped potential and uncharted ideas. Every conversation, every panel, every showcase is an opportunity waiting to be seized. If you’re eager to fuel your passion and accelerate your journey in the world of design, this is your arena.

As a Speaker

More than a platform, we offer a spotlight. A spotlight that shines on your insights, experiences, and wisdom. Enthrall an audience eager to learn, influence the design dialogue, and embed yourself as a beacon in the design landscape of Nepal.

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