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  • Learn and Share
  • Food, Beer and Coffee

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Why Meetups are vital for both Employers and Employees

In the vibrant world of design, staying updated and connected is imperative. For employers, meetups provide a glimpse into emerging trends, an opportunity to tap into raw talent, and a space to foster collaborations. For employees, it’s an avenue to learn, grow, and showcase skills while networking with industry leaders.

The Virtual Impact and Our Resolve to Reconnect

The pandemic shifted many events to the virtual sphere, and while technology kept us connected, the essence of face-to-face interaction was missed. Many small-scale virtual meetups sprouted, but the profound impact of in-person connections got diluted. The richness of spontaneous conversations, the warmth of a handshake, or the thrill of a live discussion can’t be replicated online. It’s time we rejuvenate these genuine interactions for a community that thrives on creativity and collaboration.


We operate with transparency and integrity. While we believe wholeheartedly in the potential of the Kathmandu Designers Meetup, we do not make sweeping claims or overstate our deliverables. We won’t assert that sponsoring this event will instantly catapult your organization to unprecedented financial heights or present you with a surge of job seekers. However, we firmly uphold that community is a foundational pillar for sustaining and nourishing any industry. While it’s possible for the tech sector in Nepal to function without such communal initiatives, the long-term, robust growth and evolution of the industry is deeply intertwined with community collaboration and synergy.