Designers Kathmandu

🌟 Bag a cash prize of Rs. 10,000

Designers Day 2023

Logo Competition

We’re seeking a captivating logo that captures the very essence and spirit of Designers Day 2023. Submit your entries by the November 15.

Calling all the Logo Designers.

Here’s your chance to shape the face of Kathmandu’s design event this year. We’re in search of a captivating logo that encapsulates the spirit and essence of the Designers Day 2023.

And guess what? There are absolutely NO boundaries. No color palette restrictions, no font limitations, nothing but the boundless expanse of your imagination.

1. File Format

All submissions must be in vector format to ensure scalability and usability across various mediums.

2. Variations

Please ensure you submit logo variations suitable for both dark and light backgrounds to guarantee versatility in its application.

3. Timeline

All entries should be submitted by November 15. The winning logo will be unveiled on November 20.

Why Submit?

Winners Perk!

How to Submit


While every submission carries immense value, and we cherish the effort and creativity behind each design, the nature of this competition allows us to select just one winner. There won’t be a second or third place this time, but don’t let that deter you. This is a chance to etch your mark on a significant event in Kathmandu’s design calendar.

Logo of Dribbble Meetup Kathmandu 2017

The Dribbble Meetup Kathmandu 2017 logo, beautifully encapsulating the essence of Kathmandu’s heritage and lifestyle, was crafted by Nirvana Lama. To explore more of her impressive portfolio, follow the link below.